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JobTech Personnel
is a dynamic, boutique placement firm specializing in providing the highest level of talent to the Business and Technology community. Packaged with our innovative, new fee structure, we are quickly redefining the landscape of the staffing & recruitment industry. Whether you're a firm looking to quickly fill an important position or you're a job seeker on the path towards a more fulfilling career....JobTech Personnel is now the logical choice.
The JobTech Difference

The question was whether there was a need for a professional, smartly priced  recruitment firm that could provide the highest caliber talent to small & medium sized firms. The answer has been a resounding YES! HR professionals with hard to fill positions are now finally able to take advantage of the services of a top-notch recruitment firm AND have it stay within their stringent budgetary guidelines.

Big Firms Are taking Notice

Even the largest companies with their own in-house recruiters are using JobTech Personnel. Simply stated, we can broaden the reach of busy HR executives and give them another expert and cost conscious tool with which to fill their open posts.


JobTech Personnel will catapult you forward. Our vast network of HR connections provides you the widest selection of newly released positions sent in real time from many of the business community's top tier firms. We will take the time to assess your financial needs and career goals to make sure that any position presented will fit your immediate and long term objectives.

Working with a JobTech Professional

We know that starting a new job is one of life's most important decisions. JobTech Personnel  will be with you every step of the way. From initial consultation to the happy first day on the new job, we will be a true partner as you move up the ladder.

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